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Themes that are personally important to me flow creatively into
my own colourful stationery collection for families.
I sell these on Etsy and throughout Germany in the most amazing little shops
and family concept stores. With bright colours and positive messages, I not only want to bring joy but also convey mindfulness: Mindfulness towards ourselves but also towards our environment.

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Cheerful. Simple. Colorful
With loving messages
Produced in Germany

Farbenreich, Heidelberg I Froschell, Grafschaft I Hej Store, Dortmund I Herbs&Lemon, Onlineshop I Kazimir, Leipzig I kleinmargot, Stuttgart I Konfettiwolke, Frankfurt am Main I Lieblich&Schön, Innsbruck I Lilla Mari, Berlin I Liseleje, Leipzig I Marmelo, Rheinsberg I Matsch mit Sahne, Karlsruhe IMit Ecken und Kanten, Onlineshop I Mini Circle, Onlineshop I NA SOWAS, Onlineshop I Oh, wie schön, Lingen IQuartier 172, Kiel I Siebter  Himmel, Köln I suebidou, Leipzig I Sunmalimo, Bonn I The Ginger Club, Chemnitz I TITIWU Concept Store For Kids, Tübingen I Unikate Herzkleider, Meppen and more ...

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